Update 1 (December 21)

On December 15 Jamal Juma’s first court hearing was held at the military court at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem. The military judge rejected the interrogators’ initial request to extend Jamal’s detention period to 14 additional days, but did agree however, to a four day extension period.

Jamal is still prevented from access to legal counsel and the ban is effective until midnight today. There are fears that the ban might be renewed tomorrow. As a result, Jamal’s attorney was unable to ensure that he is held in suitable detention conditions. Considering the apparent grounds for the arrest this arrest seems to be an outright attack on Palestinian freedom of expression and assembly.

Next hearing: Thursday, December 24, 9:30 am, military court at the Russian Compound, West Jerusalem


One response to “Update 1 (December 21)

  1. Dear Jamal,
    I am sad and shocked by this news. We think of you and your family, and we’ll continue to fight for your rights!

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