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Updates on Jamal’s case

Update 5 (5 January 2010)

On Monday January 4, at a military hearing in Ramallah, an Israeli court extended the detention of human rights activist Jamal Juma’ for a further three days. Despite being held for 20 days, no charges have yet been brought against Jamal.



Update 4 (4 January 2010)

Latest update after Jamal’s court today:
Jamal’s investigation period extended for another 3 days, next hearing on Thursday.

Update 3 (29 December 2009)

Join the rally outside the Russian Compound, Jerusalem on 4 January 2010 at 9 am!

Monday January 4 is date of Jamal’s court hearing. The gathering will be outside the court to remind Israeli authorities that we will not sit silently while they attempt to use trumped up charges and a discriminatory legal system to provide a cover for ……the blatant repression of those who are speaking out against the Wall. We must remind them that the arrests of Jamal Juma’, Mohammed Othman, Abdallah Abu Rahmeh and all the others, will galvanize, not paralyze, the struggle against the Wall. The hearing on the January 4 is Jamal’s third hearing. He has been held without access to his lawyer for over 10 days, and on his court date the lawyer was ordered out of the courtroom when Jamal came before the judge. Observers from European Consulates and the Habitat International Coalition were barred from entering the court. Jamal’s file remains “secret” and under no known charges.


Update 2 (December 24)

Today, 24 December, Jamal Juma’ underwent a hearing before a military judge at Moskobiyya Detention Center, in Jerusalem. Although Jamal’s interrogation over eight days apparently has finished, the judge granted the Israeli police and intelligence agency’s request to extend his detention for 12 more days of “investigation” before a scheduled second hearing.

This morning, the judge upheld the false premise of Jamal’s arrest as a West Bank resident, insisting that he is alien to his actual Jerusalem residence, because of his work in a Ramallah (West Bank) office. That makes Jamal the subject of Israeli military law.

The Israeli occupation authorities in Jerusalem are holding Jamal incommunicado, without access to his lawyer. Even the judge ordered the lawyer out of the courtroom while Jamal came before the judge. The Israeli jailers blindfolded Jamal in his only meeting briefly with his lawyer several days ago. They likewise blindfolded him when his brother entered the courtroom to see him briefly at this morning’s hearing. The judge refused to allow observes from European Consulates and the Habitat International Coalition from entering the court.

Jamal’s file remains “secret” and under no known charges.

Update 1 (December 21)

On December 15 Jamal Juma’s first court hearing was held at the military court at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem. The military judge rejected the interrogators’ initial request to extend Jamal’s detention period to 14 additional days, but did agree however, to a four day extension period.

Jamal is still prevented from access to legal counsel and the ban is effective until midnight today. There are fears that the ban might be renewed tomorrow. As a result, Jamal’s attorney was unable to ensure that he is held in suitable detention conditions. Considering the apparent grounds for the arrest this arrest seems to be an outright attack on Palestinian freedom of expression and assembly.

Next hearing: Thursday, December 24, 9:30 am, military court at the Russian Compound, West Jerusalem