Your Pictures

Wondering how you can you support the release of Jamal Juma’, Mohammad Othman, Abdallah Abu Rahma and the other Anti-Wall prisoners?

It’s easy!  If you’re at a protest, on a bike, or even having dinner at home, simply take a picture of you and/or your friends with a sign with a short message such as “Free Jamal Juma’! – Free the Anti-Wall prisoners!

Or stage a public photo session to gather photos, raise awareness and protest the repression of the anti-Wall movement.

Then e-mail us a copy at

We’ll put your pictures up on our Flickr photo album ( and use them at the upcoming rally at Jamal’s hearing on January 4th and in future actions in support of the prisoners.

With your solidarity and voices – and now images! – we’ll free the Anti-wall prisoners!