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أضف رسالة تضامنك هنا


15 responses to “Write to Jamal

  1. Dear Jamal,

    You are one of the most important leaders of justice in our times and in the Palestinian struggle.

    You are well respected and well loved by so many.

    We will fight for your freedom, as we have for others leading this long and strong liberation struggle, without stop.

    In solidarity and with respect,
    Sara Kershnar
    International Jewish anti-Zionist Network

  2. Dear Jamal

    On behalf of Comité Action Palestine (France), we want to express our full solidarity to you and your activities.
    As you told us when we visited you in 2008, acting against the wall is part from the global resistance against zionist occupation of Palestine.
    All together, palestinian people will suceed because justice and right is on your side.

    Our warmes wishes and regards

    Comite Action Palestine

  3. We know how much Jamal is strong and he great man , and we hope to see him between us soon , and the occupation will learn from those people who draw the new future for , palestine i want to say that all of us with you Jamal and with mohmmad and with all prisoners, keep the good work my friends.

  4. Dear Jamal. The World Social Forum independent and shared communication’s groups and networks are with you now. See you in soon! Free and fighting for Palestina’s freedom.


  5. Asalam alaykum my brother, be strong and know that many of us are making duaa for you and for all brothers and sisters who are fighting for Palestine. Remember that Allah rewards those who are patient, and those who do what is right and strive for justice. We are with you, and remember that Allah is always with you.

  6. Dear Jamal,

    Even though you never return my calls, I miss you very, very much. I hope you are well, as much as ‘well’ can mean behind the bars of Israeli jails. Things here are alright, and we will fill you in when we see you. Soon, inshalla.

    بنشوفك عن قريب

  7. dear Jamal. You are strong and you make people strong. those who tell the world what the world itself actually looks like under 21st century occupation, like yourself and Mohammad, you stick your noses out to the brute forces that cannot openly face the reality of their own deeds. for that you have long had our greatest respect and support. we are thinking of you and will stay with you in your struggle for justice.

  8. Jamal, what can I possibly say that matters right now? There is no way for me to grasp the enormity of the injustice you and your Palestinian brothers and sisters are up against. I think of you and Mohammad every day, along with all the other Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons, and I do my best to spread awareness of your plight. Inshallah, you will all be free soon. Stay strong Jamal – your struggle is just. All my love to you…

  9. Jamal!
    It’s just not the same without you.
    From Gaza…

  10. Dear Jamal,
    Hello my friend! Maybe you don’t remember me, but I do remember you as a good man, struggling for a better world for your people and for the world at large. You are a freedom fighter, in the same sense as the jews who revolted in the Warsaw ghetto, in the same sense that Dennis Brutus struggled against Apartheid in South Africa and Global Insjustice, in the same sense that my own jewish father struggled for his ideals in rumanian Besarabia in the 1930s – thereby jailed for two years prior to his coming to Perú, where I was born. Dear Jamal, you are not fighting just for the palestinian people. You are also fighting for a common future for jews and arabs, israelis and palestinians in the same territory. You are fighting for Another Possible World for us all, earthlinks, in our lovely and generous blue planet. I happen to have both israeli and palestinian relatives (on my mother’s side) and consider you my brother and ally in our common struggle to construct a world based on justice, peace and solidarity. Let us together build bridges amd not walls between the Peoples of the World. Thank you, my brother – and keep in mind that you are not alone! Azril Bacal, Paulo Freire Association of Sweden, Uppsala Social Forum, Communication Working Group of the IC-WSF and member of the European Education Network/EPA (ESF) and IC-World Education Forum. Coordinator of the Uppsala Network on the Culture of Peace (NKFU)

  11. Dear Jamal,

    You are an extraordinary leader. Israel has imprisoned you precisely because you are so effective. You inspire us all.

    There are millions of us around the world who support you. You are not alone.

    In solidarity,

  12. Dear Jamal, there are few people in this world brave enough to stand up for what is RIGHT and JUST, you are one of those few. You have my total respect and support.

    Thinking of you


  13. Dearest Jamal,
    Your warmth and wisdom make you a powerful person. Your kindness and open heart make you a powerful warrior. I am so inspired by you and so angry and sad that they have locked you up. I am imagining you laughing and playing flute with during the Indigenous Delegation…and sharing your stories while asking questions. You helped us all experience a taste of the world to come.
    Ill see you soon free and fighting…and in the meantime, we are trying to figure out how to be more effective in our fight from over here.
    Thank you for your strength.

  14. Dear Jamal Juma’,
    I’ve never met you, but I want to thank you for your courage and hard work! Your resistance is an inspiration. We’re thinking of you from Chicago. Stay strong.
    With respect and solidarity,

  15. Dear Jamal,

    We met in the winter of 2000. You drove me and Dunya around parts of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. I have never forgotten your manner, integrity and kindness. My friends and family have been calling and emailing Clinton and the embassies on your behalf. What good that does I don’t know, but I hope it does something. I continue to teach about the occupation to my students, and you are in my thoughts always when I do so.

    Thank you for your teaching and your dedication. It is for that work that you are detained–along with so many others. We hold you in our thoughts.


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